Safe, quiet wheelchair charging systems

For the people who rely on them, wheelchairs are a constant companion that is at their side around the clock. That’s why it’s so important for their electric wheelchairs to be quiet and convenient to operate. This applies in particular to the charging process, which generally takes place in the evening or at night – usually in the immediate vicinity of the user’s bed. Our chargers for wheelchairs meet these requirements – and more. Your most important advantages at a glance:

Quiet charging: Thanks to their large heat sink, our chargers effectively dissipate heat so that they work without a fan. This makes charging a quiet affair, without any noisy cooling sounds.

Maximum flexibility: Our charging solutions for the healthcare sector can be used independently of any existing charging technology, battery type, or respective electrical voltage. They are designed for a wide range of 100 to 240 volts and can therefore adapt to different conditions worldwide. Another practical feature: The charging policy does not need to be set manually.

Safety: Our products for the healthcare sector have a protection rating of 2 for electrical devices.

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Choose from the following IEB systems with RF charging technology
for wheelchairs

Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power: 450 W



Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power 1.5 kW