E-karts, e-surfboards and more: zero emissions – endless fun!

Electric sporting goods are part of a huge trend: What began with e-bikes is now continuing in many other sports – for example with e-surfboards and e-karts. As diverse as the electrically powered sports equipment and vehicles may be, they all have one thing in common: With our charging solutions, they can be operated very cost-effectively and with zero emissions – for tons of fun and a clear conscience. For example:

Many go-kart tracks and halls are currently converting to e-karts. This makes sense, because electric go-karts can be charged in just 1 hour with our charging systems. As they are cheaper to maintain and incur lower energy costs, the investment usually pays off within the first year. And, because no exhaust fumes are produced, there is no need to purchase an expensive ventilation system for new indoor go-kart tracks.
Thanks to their fast drives and higher torque, e-karts offer maximum fun and excitement for drivers.

E-surfboards and e-jetboards
Electrically powered sports equipment is conquering the world of water sports! E-surfboards and e-jetboards are a major growth market right now. Boats and yachts are also increasingly being equipped with electric drives along with our charging solutions.

E-golf carts
Electrically powered golf carts have been roaming golf courses around the world for years. Golf course operators appreciate their long range, energy efficiency, and the quiet ride.

There’s no more environmentally friendly way to ride a motorcycle! Our cutting-edge charging technology makes operating an e-motorcycle extremely cost-effective. They also produce zero emissions and are exceptionally quiet. Higher torques means they accelerate quickly, making riding that much more fun!

Charge up and take off!
We offer the right charging solutions for all manufacturers of e-sports equipment. Key advantages:

Tremendous flexibility: We have the right charging solution for you – regardless of the battery type, the area of application, or choice of on-board or removable battery. We also develop customized charging systems based on your specific requirements.

Fast charging times: Our chargers ensure e-sports equipment is back in action in no time – a key selling point for consumers.

A more exciting ride: E-motors – like those found in e-karts and motorcycles – accelerate quickly and offer a thrilling ride.

Health and sustainability: Thanks to our patented charging process, batteries can be charged quickly, gently, and energy-efficiently. E-sports equipment also produces zero emissions, which benefits the climate and users’ health.

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Choose from the following IEB systems with RF charging technology
for your sports and recreation equipment

Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power: 450 W


Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power 1.5 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. Nennleistung: 3,3 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 28 kW