ElektroG WEEE

Information for the homepage regarding
disposal instructions in accordance with ElektroG WEEE regulations

Our WEEE Reg. No.: DE 22089498

To return and dispose of your defective electrical and electronic equipment
approved for commercial use only,
feel free to contact our disposal partner, Hellmann Process
Management GmbH & Co KG, Pferdestraße 31, 49084 Osnabrück, Germany,
Internet address: www.umweltmanager.de,
Phone number: +49 (0)541 408980,

and register the return and disposal there.

Further information

In accordance with ElektroG regulations, we are also obliged to inform you about
the separate collection of used electrical equipment from municipal waste (as indicated by
the crossed-out wheeled garbage can symbol) and the associated
option of returning your used equipment to our certified disposal partner.
to our certified disposal partner.

Secondly, we also wish to inform you that

  • you are responsible for deleting personal data yourself before disposing of any used electronic devices.
  • Before turning in used devices, you are required to remove any used batteries and lamps from the device without destroying them and send them for separate processing/collection
  • the following used batteries are used in the devices (button cell lithium (Li), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH))


After using our packaging, you have the option of returning it free of charge to the place of delivery or the immediate vicinity. This can be done either directly when the goods are delivered or with the next delivery.
By returning used packaging, you are making a significant contribution to resource conservation and recycling.
You are not required to return the used packaging to us. You always have the option of disposing of it independently.


If the electrical devices contain batteries, you must dispose of them separately and remove them from the electrical devices. Please determine whether the batteries can be reused (e.g., in other devices) before taking them to a designated collection point for disposal. By reusing the batteries, you are making a significant contribution to conserving primary raw materials and enabling a functioning circular economy. However, if this is not possible, you have the option of returning portable batteries free of charge to specialist retailers where batteries of the same type can be purchased.
Never dispose of used batteries in household waste. Always dispose of them separately. This is also indicated by the crossed-out wheeled garbage can symbol on the battery. If the three hazardous substance symbols for lead, cadmium, or mercury are also indicated under the garbage can symbol, this means that there is an increased concentration of these hazardous substances in the batteries and additional caution is warranted.
In this context, please note that proper collection also reduces the risk of fires during transportation or in plants, for example, which can pose a risk to both people and the environment.