Full power for electronic cleaners

Although they are rarely in the limelight, they still perform important work: sweeping and cleaning machines. These essential assistants are used in outdoor areas as well as in production facilities and warehouses, cultural centers, and swimming pools. Devices are available for sweeping or mopping, for riding or pushing, for personal or professional use, with built-in batteries or external charging points. Our charging solutions for these electronic cleaners are just as varied and versatile as the types and models of machines and vehicles available. Your key advantages as a customer:

Tremendous flexibility: Do you manufacture or sell sweepers? Do you have your own unique ideas or are you seeking a customized solution? We can find or develop the perfect charging system for your requirements – whether external or on-board.

Individual appearance: The exterior of the battery or charging station can also be flexibly adapted to your requirements. We have partnered with a Caritas workshop – a non-profit organization – to implement your own unique design featuring your corporate colors and logo.

Environmental protection and sustainability: Our intelligent IEB FUTUR charging process enables fast, gentle, and energy-saving charging of sweeping and cleaning machines. The electronic cleaners operate with zero emissions to protect the environment and the health of the people who work with them. A clean solution on all counts.

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Choose from the following IEB systems featuring RF charging technology
for your sweepers

Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power: 450 W



Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power 1.5 kW