Premium, cutting-edge RF charging technology

  • Maximum energy efficiency of up to 97% thanks to:
    • Our pioneering multi-resonance converter technology for chargers – the only one of its kind worldwide
    • Smart activation management of charging modules during partial load operations in three-phase power units
    • Significantly reduced stand-by power consumption
  • Very high flexibility and dynamic characteristic curve programming (with the ability to store up to 32 characteristic curves)
  • In-service operation following the removal of individual modules, with reduced charging power based on the residual power of the remaining modules
  • Encapsulated cooling of the power semiconductors via heat sinks for minimal dust and dirt ingress
  • Support operation function available in 12 and 24 V for automotive and commercial vehicle applications

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The world’s first fully resonant
RF charging system with up to 97% efficiency

With soft ON-OFF feature

It doesn’t get any more effective than this.
Maximum efficiencies

We are proud to present Filon FuturE: the world’s first fully resonant RF charger.

HF chargers are basically “switched-mode power supplies,” i.e., electronic switches are switched on and off at a high frequency (50–100 kHz). In commercially available HF chargers, this process is “quasi-resonant” or “hard,” which inevitably leads to high switching losses.

With the new Filon FuturE, IEB has succeeded in developing a cutting-edge charger that is ahead of its time: At its core is the innovative multi-resonance converter technology, ensuring very “soft,” lossless high-frequency switching over the entire operating range of a full charging cycle (from 50 kHz to 170 kHz).

This new RF technology for chargers guarantees maximum efficiencies of up to 97%. Moreover, in conjunction with the improved future characteristic curve, it optimizes overall charging efficiency.

An innovative, intelligent module activation management system also further optimizes energy consumption in partial load operation in multi-module mode and increases the service life.

Passive cooling – active savings

It doesn’t get any cooler than this.
The clean solution.

Innovative “encapsulated active cooling” of the power electronics guarantees a longer service life and saves money and resources.

The high device efficiency of the Filon FuturE with the new full-resonance converter also minimizes heat losses. This eliminates the need for fans for direct, active electronics cooling. Passive convection cooling reduces the ingress of dirt into the device, which protects the electronic components. This increases the service life of the charger and significantly minimizes exposure to dirt, water, dust, and acid, which in turn sustainably reduces maintenance, spare parts, and material costs.

Smart Control – via wireless networking

Monitoring and management system

The new Smart Control wireless monitoring and management system optimizes battery usage and vehicle management in a sustainable and resource-saving way.

Smart Control gives you the option to use IEB’s proven management systems more effectively (via innovative wireless networking) and to expand them with our new monitoring modules. The following system modules can be combined:
– ILight Wireless, the proven,
intelligent monitoring system, networked wirelessly
– All Pairs Battery Management, with the new wireless battery controller
– Central monitoring of
batteries and chargers
(separately configurable)
– NetVision, remote access to batteries and chargers via
Internet/cellular networks
– IEB ConVision App with monitoring
and readout function for tablets and smartphones


Programming with touch display
for maximum ease of use.

The Filon FuturE resonant frequency chargers are now also available with the new Easy Touch graphic display in addition to the proven “One Button” control unit.

Easy Touch offers you the option of making settings on the charger and retrieving data quickly, easily, and safely via the resistive touchscreen, which features an intuitive and clearly structured menu navigation. You can choose between 32 different charging programs for a wide range of battery types and capacities and optionally (Expert Charger) switch to the settings menu to program individual parameters.

Quick Check & Change

Maintenance-friendly design.
Simply faster.

The modular IEB system, proven over many years, is also used in the Filon FuturE and is further optimized with the Quick Check & Change feature.

Quick Check & Change enables highly effective charger inspections and rapid servicing for tremendous time savings.

The IEB ConVision App, the Easy Touch Display, or the USB interface can be used to quickly read out the status of the charger and query possible application errors. If servicing is required, the service technician can quickly access the charger (via the practical front flap) and obtain a comprehensive overview of the status of the charge controller, the power modules, and the available mains phases at a glance. The new slide-in system on the side makes it easy to quickly change power modules when necessary.

It is also possible to continue to operate the charger in in-service mode even with a reduced number of modules.

Eco energy

Smart charging – conserve resources

The ultimate design goal of IEB innovations, whether applied individually or in a group, is always to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Whether the new ultra-efficient Filon FuturE is used in combination with the patented Futur charging process or the charging station is managed via Smart Control, both the environment and the user benefit equally from innovative system solutions designed by IEB that save energy, time, money, and resources.

Optimal solutions for numerous industries

An effective and ecological charging system is playing an increasingly important role for our core market segments of logistics/intralogistics, traction batteries, rehabilitation products, cleaning machines and electric mobility. Therefore, our mission statement is to continuously optimize both the power electronics and the charging technology.


Device specifications

Filon FuturE S/S+ features

Charging voltages:
12 V, 24 V, 36 V, or 48 V
Max. nominal power:
0.4 kW
Line voltages:
207–253 V 50/60 Hz – also optional: 100–120 V and 100–253 V
Ingress protection rating:
IP21, higher protection ratings up to IP54 optional
Protection rating:
Housing, width, height, depth
HF 90 (FiILON FUTUR S) 177 69 112
HF 70 (FILON FUTUR S+) 220 93 130

Filon FuturE S options

· Filon Futur S+
imated and fanless charger up to 24V 8A / 12V 15A
· ConVision and ConVision Plus
Compact programming and analysis package for mobile maintenance, consisting of service module
and software
· IEB characteristic curve
Dynamic characteristic curve for optimum charging of AGM and gel batteries without characteristic curve switching,
intelligently adapted to the age and charging state of the battery
Individually customizable design (including start protection system)
· Temperature compensation
Temperature-controlled charging, e.g., for use in cold stores
· LED remote display
As LED operating film or DUO-LED (up to 2 m)