Charging systems for forklifts and industrial trucks

For maximum daily performance in materials handling

Whether stacking, storing, or transporting – electronic logistics vehicles deliver top performance day-in and day-out, ensuring materials handling runs smoothly and efficiently. Our charging solutions for electric forklift trucks, pallet trucks, and other industrial trucks are always a good choice for manufacturers and dealers. Help your customers take their energy management to a pioneering new level with our smart chargers and intelligent software solutions. Key advantages:

Tremendous flexibility: Whether built-in battery, retrofitted on-board solution, or external charging station – we adapt our high-tech charging systems to your requirements. You also have a number of assembly and installation options for our solutions. Would you like a customized look featuring your own corporate branding? Here as well, we are happy to implement a custom solution with you.

Wide range of applications: Do you need your forklifts to work in dusty, sooty, or extremely hot environments? Wherever you use your vehicles – you can count on us to equip our charging systems to meet your specific needs: for example with dust protection or built-in air conditioning. Our solutions adapt to your environment – not the other way around.

Health comes first: Electric transport and logistics assistants powered by our charging solutions not only operate quietly, but most importantly with zero emissions. This keeps the air clean – even without an expensive ventilation system.

Efficient and sustainable: Fast, gentle, and energy-saving – our patented IEB FUTUR charging process enables intelligent, efficient battery charging. Our compact high-frequency chargers are even more robust and durable thanks to improved cooling technology.

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Choose from the following IEB systems featuring RF charging technology
for your forklifts

Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power 1.5 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 3.3 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 28 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 44 kW