Full power for the electronic “ground crew”

In order to manage the complex processes at airports, many electrically powered helpers are used on the tarmac and have been dubbed ground support equipment – in short, anything from tractors that pull aircraft to the gate, along with battery-powered stairs or gangways for passengers and crew members, electric loaders and unloaders, baggage carts, or cargo transporters. Our intelligent and efficient charging systems ensure that these high-performance assistants can tackle their daily tasks at full power. We help professionals like you achieve pioneering energy management solutions. Key advantages of our charging systems:

Tremendous flexibility and a wide range of applications: Our high-tech charging systems can be optimally adapted to your individual requirements. However unique your requirements as a ground support equipment supplier may be: Together we will find or develop the ideal charging concept for you and your customers, custom-tailored to your specific area of application. This also includes flexible installation and mounting systems, software solutions and customer-specific branding.

Maximum efficiency: Our cutting-edge high-frequency chargers work exceptionally efficiently with minimal heat loss thanks to our intelligent, patented IEB FUTUR charging process. In models from our latest product series Filon FuturE , a CAN interface also streamlines communication between the battery and charger, which increases efficiency even further.

Environmental protection and sustainability: Our innovative charging systems enable fast, gentle and energy-saving charging of the “electronic ground crew’s” batteries. All this with zero emissions to protect the environment and the health of the people who work around the ground support equipment. Improved cooling technology makes the machines even more robust and durable.

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Choose from the following IEB systems with RF charging technology
for your airport vehicles

Charging voltage: 12–48 V
Max. nominal power 1.5 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 3.3 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 28 kW


Charging voltage: 12–80 V
Max. nominal power: 44 kW