We harness the power of electricity

And we are shaping the charging system trends of tomorrow –
just like we have been since 1980

IEB has stood for the pioneering development and production of battery chargers and power supply systems since 1980. As one of the leading high-tech charging system manufacturers in Europe, we have proven our innovative strength time and again ever since our company was founded. Examples of our pioneering spirit include the development and introduction of the IEB characteristic curve and the IEB FUTUR charging process. Two patented industry trends that have been established for years.

We began shaping tomorrow’s market yesterday – with groundbreaking ideas ranging from the forward-thinking development of lithium-ion charging systems to our new, universal FILON FUTUR Expert charging technology.

Facts and figures
200 employees at the Brilon location
Subsidiary IEI – Industrie Elektronik Ilmenau with 20 employees
Production of 150,000 chargers per year
Leading high-tech charging system manufacturer in Europe

German engineering
guarantees the highest possible quality


Flawless craftsmanship
for your individual solutions


The Sauerland Powerland – green by nature


The Sauerland Powerland –
green by nature

Our location is situated in Brilon in Sauerland, Germany. Brilon is known as the “forest town” because it is situated amid dense woodlands. And our mindset is as green as the vast forests that surround us.

The ability to provide effective and eco-friendly charging systems is becoming increasingly vital as our core market segments of logistics/intralogistics, traction batteries, healthcare products, cleaning machines, and electromobility continue to experience strong growth. Daher ist unser Leitbild sowohl die Leistungselektronik als auch die Ladetechnologie immer weiter zu optimieren. After all, we can only achieve the best results by combining a maximally efficient charging system with an ecologically sustainable design – not just for users, but also for our environment.