The new IEB brochure

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The new IEB brochure

Wir machen die Trends von morgen - und das seit 1980

Patentierte Qualität

For 40 years, IEB has been synonymous for the pioneering development and production of battery chargers and power supply systems. As one of Europe’s leading high-tech charging system manufacturers, we have been able to prove our innovation skills repeatedly since the founding of our company. This includes developing and implementing the IEB characteristic line and the IEB FUTUR charging process. Two patented industry trends which have long been established.

We started yesterday to shape the market of tomorrow with our ideas – for example, with trendsetting development of lithiumion charging systems and our new universal FILON FUTUR Expert charging technology.



SerialConnect ermöglicht die Ladung mehrerer Batterien mit einem Ladegerät.

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Programmierbare Einschaltzeit

Programmierte Startzeit mit UTC-Zeit Zonen Einstellung

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Filon Futur Expert

Universal Ladegerät - Charge System High Frequency Technology

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