• The perfect combination of proven IEB expertise and state-of-the-art power converter technology and control electronics
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Extremely robust
  • Service-friendly design

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Essential features

Charging indicator

Clearly organized, informative display for safe and simple monitoring of the charge status

Resistance-based pulse characteristic curve (with automatic shutdown) shortens charging time

With resistance-based (automatic shutdown) pulse charging: Reduces charging time by up to 2 hours, yet is extremely gentle and energy-saving


Resistance-based (automatic shutdown) pulse charging: Reduces charging time by up to 2 hours, yet is extremely gentle and energy-saving

Automatic safety shutdown

Automatic safety monitoring system Temperature monitoring and safety shutdown in the event of a fault

Optimale Lösungen für zahlreiche Branchen

Für unsere Kernmarktsegmente Logistik/Intralogistik, Traktionsbatterien, Rehabilitations-Produkte, Reinigungsmaschinen und Elektro-Mobilität spielt ein effektives und ökologisches Ladesystem eine immer größere Rolle. Daher ist unser Leitbild sowohl die Leistungselektronik als auch die Ladetechnologie immer weiter zu optimieren.


Device specifications

Filon FuturE S/S+ features

Charging voltages:
12 V, 24 V, 36 V, or 48 V
Max. nominal power:
0.4 kW
Line voltages:
207–253 V 50/60 Hz – also optional: 100–120 V and 100–253 V
Ingress protection rating:
IP21, higher protection ratings up to IP54 optional
Protection rating:
Housing, width, height, depth
HF 90 (FiILON FUTUR S) 177 69 112
HF 70 (FILON FUTUR S+) 220 93 130

Filon FuturE S options

· NEU Filon Futur S+
· ConVision­ und­ Neu ­ConVision ­Plus
Compact programming and analysis package for mobile maintenance, consisting of service module
­­und ­Software­ oder ­IEB-Service-App
· NEU ­IEB-Kennlinie
Dynamic characteristic curve for optimum charging of AGM and gel batteries without characteristic curve switching,
intelligently adapted to the age and charging state of the battery
Individually customizable design (including start protection system)
· Temperature compensation
Temperature-controlled charging, e.g., for use in cold stores
· LED remote display
As LED operating film or DUO-LED (up to 2 m)