High-frequency charger

Charging voltage 12 V, 24 V, 36V and 48 V
max. rated output 3,3 kW
Mains voltage 207 - 253 V 50/60 Hz (also 100-120V and 100-253V on request)
Protection category IP 21 (higher protection category on request)
Protection class I (protection class II on request)
Dimensions (W x H x D) HF 450 430 x 260 x 115

HF 455 430 x 393 x 157

HF 460 295 x 491 x 133
FILON FUTUR - Charging at its Best
  • Simple operation
  • Comprehensive Safety-Functions
    - Deep - Discharge-SOFT-Start (from 0,5V/C with max. 10% Irated)
    - Effective Safety- Time-Control-System in every charging sequence (Softstart; Iconst-Phase, Main Charge, Total Charge)
    - Mains Drop-out Detection
    - Sulfatating - Lock
    - Reverse Pole Protection
    - TRIPLE internal Temperature Control
    - Automatic Battery Check
    - Optimum and safe Battery Charge
  • For Gel-, AGM, Li-Ion, Wet Batteries
    - Different Capacities programmable
    - Wide Range App. possible (Ue: 95V – 265V ; 1,4kW)
    - Temperature lead Charge
  • Service friendly
    - flexible Mounting- and Positioning
    - Comprehensive fault diagnostics
    - Service-Curves adjustable
    - Via Service-Module Convision:
    - Charge-History read outt
    - Analysis of the Charge Cycles
    - Data recording in real time
    - Detailled Charge Surveillance
The options of FILON FUTUR L
  • ConVision - the compact mobile service package, consists of service device and software
  • Drive of protection - Invididual implementation
  • Onboard - Individual implementations ( incl. Drive off protection etc.)
  • Temperature compensation - temperature led charging, e.g. for cold store applications
  • EUW - electrolyte circulation for reducing charge time for up to 2,5 h
  • Pulse Charge - ionic electrolyte circulation for reducing charge time for up to 2h and also for very soft and energy saving charges
  • Battery Management System - The central IEB monitoring system, ideally suited for battery charging stations
  • Signal lights - External machine lamp to view the signaling of the state of charge over a long distance
  • Blue backlight graphic display - Comprehensive indication of the charging settings and charging process as well as warnings and error messages; optionally available as remote display
  • BMC - External Counter (until 99), The count process starts after charge stop automatically
  • LED remote indication - As LED Keypad or DUO LED (up to 2m)
Suitable batterie types
  • Lead-Batteries - low-maintenance (PzS, PzB, GiS) and - free-maintenance (PzV, GiV, AGM,...)
  • Nickel-Cadmium-Batteries
  • Li-Ionen-Batteries
  • Other battery types can be programmed on request