Charging voltage 2V - 80V    
max. rated outpiut bis 22kW    
Mains voltage 120A - 240A    
Protection category IP21    
Protection class 1    
Casing HF450 HF550 HF560
Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 256 x 115 430 x 395 x 300 430 x 482 x 300

The Filon Futur Expert is an universal applicable battery charger. Professional charging with patented IEB charging technology , desulfation and formation is possible for a single 2Vcell or a 12V AGM monobloc battery as well as for a 80V 500Ah PzS battery

Our mobile stand (incl. cable holder and integrated utility box ) is specially developed for the Expert charger for maximum spatial mobility.

  • Charge voltages in 2V – steps adjustable
  • Battery type, charge characteristics and -capacities easily free selectable
  • Service curves and refresh-modes: desulfation 24 h, 48 h, 72 h and formation
  • Very safe against misadjustments

Simple handling:
In a few steps via operating buttoms - with Blue-Back-light Grafic Display – you can advise easily and menu-driven the parameter setting for battery type and –voltage, requested charging setting, Ah and if required the temperature and cable length.

After a short input acknowledgment you can start!

Filon Futur Expert Menü
  • ConVision - the compact mobile service package, consists of service device and software
  • Temperature compensation - temperature led charging, e.g. for cold store applications
  • EUW - electrolyte circulation for reducing charge time for up to 2,5 h
  • Pulse Charge - ionic electrolyte circulation for reducing charge time for up to 2h and also for very soft and energy saving charges
  • LED remote indication - As LED Keypad or DUO LED (up to 20m)
Suitable batterie types
  • Lead-Batteries - low-maintenance (PzS, PzB, GiS) and - free-maintenance (PzV, GiV, AGM,...)
  • Other battery types can be programmed on request