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Our highly specialised engineers and technicians develop hardware and software with incomparable innovation dynamics. Six highly flexible production lines ensure short lead times and efficient production.

We are particularly proud to be always one step ahead of the competition. This is evidenced, in particular, by our close contact to our customers. We consider their requirements to be our mission, which is why we turn them into custom-made system solutions. The flagship are our intelligent FILON FUTUR or FILON CLASSIC charging devices. Combined with our clever software solutions they ensure individual and trendsetting energy management in your company.

I-Light - Intelligent Battery Monitoring
„First Cooled Down – First Out“

Simple – Intelligent – Effective

SIMPLE and easy in Implementation and Application!

  • Efficient and safe Cool – Down Management

  • Safe against Misuse

  • Up to 100 Chargers to be included

I-Light consists of 3 Core-Components:

  • external End-of Charge Signal(green)
  • simple central Control-Unit (+ Amplifier if No. > 20 chargers)
  • serial Chargers Connection / Network

INTELLIGENT, with a smart and permanent Battery-Monitoring and Charger-Surveillance , that indicates ALWAYS AND ONLY THE COOLEST BATTERY as End-of-Charge.

EFFECTIVE, cause this most simple Management System guarantees and optimized Battery Management for a most efficient and long life Battery Usage


Automatic Batterie Detection:

Charger Setting (Voltage, Capacity and Battery Type) is established via ID-Chip


  • Android – App for Bluetooth
  • Remote - Display + LED – Indication
  • ConVision – History Read-out
  • Charge Curve (Voltage & Current) Monitoring
  • Analysis of Battery use in comprehensive Diagramm Depiction

Soon also available:

  • GSM and ZigBee Communication
  • And wireless Charger Connection in Charge stations
Futur characteristic
Futur characteristic
Battery Management Counter (BMC)

The Battery Management Counter is a display unit which indicates how long the battery charge has already ended.

The charger must have a BMC interface. The interface is located at the bottom of the charger (IEC mains socket).

If the charge is complete, the charger switches the BMC on. This counts up the time in settable steps. Adjustable are for example 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute steps (set via jumper inside the BMC)

Battery Management Counter
Batterie Management System
  • Maximum length of a single cable strand is 80m (from USB interface to the last charger in the respective wiring harness).
  • The network distribution can be connected up to 5 strands.
  • A maximum of 25 chargers per strand can be integrated
  • The software supports display of max. 80 chargers.
  • The Chargers have integrated a bus card. On this card, the bus address of each charger can be set with 2 rotary switches. With this address, the charger is identified on the PC, where the current charging status is displayed.
Batterie Management System

Charger Management Software

  • Windows Application
  • Real-time indication for the current charging phase.
  • Color highlighting of the Charging phase
    • Red = Failure
    • Yellow = Charging
    • Grün = Charging end
    • With bar graph how long the battery stays in the loading end.
      • 100% Bargraph = 5,5h (can be customized)
  • Display of the different error messages in clear text

    • Time error (red)
    • Regulation error (red)
    • Hardware error (red)
    • Battery missing (grey)
    • No reply (grey)